Leveld Kunstnartun

While in residence in Leveld, Norway for one month we engaged with the theme of silence in addition to our walking practice.


Excerpt. Original duration: 3min 35 sec.



Inviting the community to join us for three silent activities was at the core of our collective workings. Silence is perhaps strange for most to comprehend; it’s not something that comes naturally and it may at first feel awkward, but silence allows for you to be with yourself.

Sitting/laying down in Silence, 22 Mar 2022
(Spending 40 minutes together in silence sitting or laying on the studio floor)

Walking in Silence,
19 Mar 2022
(Walking in line for a one hour silent night walk in snow-covered forest paths beginning close to the residency building)


Eating in Silence, 25 Mar 2022
(Eating dinner in silence; vegetable soup with traditional Norwegian crisp bread)