HRK Collective is an experimental collaboration among three female artists.


Who we are

We are three artists; Hanne Dahl Geving, Rachel Pursglove and Karolina Rupp who met at the Arteles Creative Center, Finland in February 2020 for a one month residency programme. During that time we worked on individual projects, but the theme of the programme (Silence, Awareness, Existence) brought us together. In April 2020 we formed HRK Collective, an experimental (online) platform that allows for us to work together despite being located in different parts of Europe. Our shared walks through the Finnish countryside during the AiR program provided the starting point for our collaboration. We began by walking together although in our prospective locations, returning with impressions that we then share on this online platform.

In October 2021 we met in person for a residency period in Toffia, Italy. In March 2022, we were invited to Leveld Kunstnartun’s AiR programme. Currently we are investigating slowness and how it affects our lived experience.


Our practice

How is walking art, how do results or impressions of a walk come together to form something new, unpredictability, trust in the body – the two legs, the 6 legs, how six legs carry us as a collective, how we collect souvenirs from the landscape, how the landscape becomes the watcher. How we become part of a path temporarily which allows us to reinvent ourselves for a short moment – the path allowing us to take something away from it – an exchange somewhat. Walking as a form of meditation that opens up a space for being receptive to the natural world, to embrace seemingly aleatoric processes that allow for the opening of some form of lacunae of which the resonance can only be truly felt back at base-camp so to speak – when what we have left are artefacts of an experience. The soil, rocks, plants etc under our shoes, the dust on our clothes, our embodied perception in memory and our conscious recording through lens, text and sound based media for now.


Exhibitions / Performances

upcoming: June 2022 Sitting in Silence, participatory performance at Kunstfest Rotvoll (Trondheim, NO)
2022 Open Studios (g) at Leveld Kunstnartun (Leveld, NO)
2022 Sitting in Silence, Walking in Silence & Eating in Silence, participatory performance at Leveld Kunstnartun (Leveld, NO)
2021 Open Studios at 33 Officina Creativa (g) (Toffia, Italy)